How to Make a Thankful Pumpkin!

Hello, this post will be "How to Make a Thankful Pumpkin".

You will need green paper, orange paper, pen or pencil, scissors, and a ruler if you need it.

Make 8 strips of paper, 1inch wide. You can pick the length. Also make 2 strips of green paper, 1/2 an inch wide, and 2 small leaves.

Write on one leaf the year and the other "by: your name". On the orange strips write, "I'm Thankful for...." Make sure you have a space from the edge of the paper to your first word. (I forgot to do that.) 

Wrap the green strips around a pencil tightly, so it will curl.

Staple the top and bottom of your pumpkin like this. (I taped 2 at a time so it would be easier to staple.)

You might want to put the leaves on the staples so no one will see them.

Have a cheerful Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!
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